THC Infused Pain Cream, Salve & Lip Balm

A wonderfully delicious cannabis massage cream for just about any muscle pain or skin ailment. Infused with just the right amount of decarboxylated cannabis or concentrate adds just the right touch of medicine to this wonderful elixir.

For more background and extensive information on THC infused oils and salves, click HERE:

And an excellently written article about the health benefits of coconut oil:

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  1. Hi what is your ratio and procedure to first make the canna butter before you make the massage cream or balm. How much let’s say quality bud to how much base oil…

  2. Hi I’ve been reading alot if diff recipes they advise to use canna coconut oil but no advice on the ratio of bud to coconut oil to first make my infused oil I’ve no idea how strong to make this
    I usually use 1gram if bud to 10 ml of oil to make capsules would this be string enough?

  3. Hi
    I was wondering if I have marijuana oil already made for us from a clinic how much do I add to the the recipe you have posted?

  4. Have you found that the terpenes of whichever strain you use come through in the balm? Or are they all pretty much burned off in decarboxylating when making the canna coconut oil?

  5. Hello,

    I’ve read about cbd/thc suppositories for dysmenorrhoea, is there a recipe you know of that would be safe to use for this method of pain relief as I should imagine some oils etc would cause irritation

  6. HI .

    I attempted to make muscle rub and used 2 beeswax candles with infused coconut oil and essential oils. It yielded an ok amount when melted ( 1/4 of a 2 quart crock pot ) The mix came out very unworkable and too hard to apply. What can I use to make it softer and workable for use?

    Thanks for your time.

  7. Storage: glass container or is plastic container OK? And should this be refrigerated or is it OK left out on the counter? And how long is the shelf life on this?

  8. Young Living essential oils AromaSiez (muscle relaxant), Copaiba, and Lavender help my pain, can I add them to the Coconut oil cream?

  9. I was wondering if you add more cannabis to the recipe will it be stronger or does the strength top out? I bought some from my dispensary they use Olive oil and beeswax. It works but I end up applying it at least twice. Also can you use the crap cannabis like leaves, stems and the such and get the same result? Or do you have to use good bud to get maximum pain relief?

  10. I’m a little confused as to why you mention using cannabis/ THC in a pain relief (non edible) formula. The psychotropic effects of THC are not what is needed for pain but the cannabinoids are CBD. did I miss something here?

  11. If I already have 40ml of 27% oil that i have purchased, what would be the ideal ratio of coconut oil and bees wax to make my own balm?

  12. Hello, I’m wondering if it matters if the coconut canna oil is more CBD based or is it only effective when you have a good amount of THC?

  13. I’ve been making home made salve for some time and it works wonders! I am a type 1 diabetic who has neuropathy pain and salve has helped me so much more than the gabo they had me on :)

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