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  1. this is more a question, can you use infused coconut oil instead of hash oil with this recipe and still get the same texture?

    1. hi I used coconut infused oil with this recipe i generally put 1/4 to 1/3 cup canna oil per box of jello i also only use 3 packs of knox instead of 4 and this makes a nicer texture to chew when eating the infused dummies &1 tablespoon food grade vegetable glycerin to help the oil bind to the gummy

      1. What is a refresher packet? I’m going to try your recipe. Also for the gummies, is it needed to strain the flower (after vaping) or can I put everything in the gummies. Is it more potent including it all? Thank you.

  2. I’m highly allergic to tree nuts. Do you know of any thing else I can use instead of coconut oil to do the decarboxulate process??!! Please help

    1. no….please dont eat your jello gummy covered in mold…next time melt down some gummy candy. Most local stores sell bulk candy still….well one can find it if one looks…use real candy, melt in a bouble boiler, add your concentrate…..por in mold…chill 24 hours….walla!!!!

  3. i was wondering if its okay to leave the gummies in the freezer for about 9 days and theyll still be okay.

    1. I use this recipe every couple months. I actually find using half the recommended amount of gelatin. The candies come out softer like jello. Also, i take the candies out of the molds the next day and store them in the freezer but keep them from touching anything like ice or frozen as it will encourage excess frost to settle on candies. I put my candy in a ziploc bag and wrap that up in a generous amount of paper towel to keep them from touching anything frozen directly. I take them out and eat them right away. Tastes fine and same texture as when room temperature. I know this is an old post but it’s still getting lots of attention. Have Fun

  4. I see you said the candies had approx. 36mg of BHO per 1g of candy. Does this mean that the yield was 166 grams of candy?

    If not how many grams of candy did this yield? Also, by what amount would you lower the oil by?

  5. Hi there!! So I make my gummies using BHO oil. I let them out to dry for a good 8 hours before sugaring them but the sugar still melts. How can I avoid this?

  6. I just made these and I used a different glycerin. It’s in the cake making section of walmart and craft stores where you find the Wilton brand of supplies. It’s the flavor bottles to add highly concentrated flavor. They have watermelon, strawberry, ect. The main ingredient is glycerin. It is awesome!

  7. Hey, thanks for your quick reply and suggestions! Definitely planning to try the corn starch molds! Well, we made the gummy recipe (above) and it worked great, especially after adding the glycerin! However, it started to gum-up after a while and stuck to the sides of the pan, and it refused to re-melt… So before the extra was a total loss, we poured it in the bottom of a glass pan (after spraying it with organic grapeseed oil non-stick spray), then dusted the treat with vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid for tartness), then rolled it into a log and sliced it …beautiful! I’m actually the cannabis-free cannabis advocate, so I shared it with others who sampled it for us …and it was a real hit <3

  8. Hi,

    Thank you for the recipe. I used 5grams of ‘Snowdawg’ & 5grams of ‘Fury Kush’. Each ~17% THC. I used coconut oil for decarboxilation. Each square mold is ~17-18 grams each. I have 24 squares. If my calculations are correct, then each square is 433.33 milagrams? I ate 1 square to see the potency about 20 minutes ago. They are Tasty! I will post the effects later. With a little whipcream on the top of the strawberry square, it’s an unbelievable treat!

    Thank you,

  9. These melt when exposed to any kind of heat. I use straight decarbed kief. I’m gonna try it without the glycerin. I found another recipe on PassinGrass.

  10. I am making some gummies here soon. My questions is, I have 2.5 grams of Kief, how do I go about making gummies with kief? Any info would be much appreciated!

  11. Hello I need to know if there is any one out there who can tell me how to make wax with out killing myself. Lol or blowing up my house. Is there an easy way to do it. Welcome to all suggestions. Thank you

  12. I tried making the gummy bears and they came out pretty good except that the glycerin did not help as in the end I still found the oil settling on top of my jello which is not cute. Am I using the wrong glycerin or is there another way to get the oil and the jello to stay together?

  13. I tried these using 3g BHO, it has a really strong BHO flavor, any suggestions for making em taste more like the jello flavor…it burns a Lil on the throat.

  14. My questions are if using dry herb how do I make the veggie/olive oil to put into the gummies? I don’t want to put the dry herb into the gummies.

  15. Just made these, thank you for the recipe, they are awesome. I made mine with 1/8 cup of glycerin based tincture flavored with grape and used grape jello, very good! Slight tincture flavor at the end, but overall great turnout.

  16. I used half cup juice instead of water to dissolve gelatin then just enough Everclear to completely dissolve wax bho crumble in small glass container.with lid add glycerin shake Well pour into gelatin mix well add 1/2 cup boiling water !

  17. 6 grams top self wax after dissolved with alcohol and glycerin I used electric mixer to completely mix into gelatin mix and boiling water mix with mixer again then pipettes to fill prepared molds mixing well will help with taste as well as picking the right juice to mix with the right jello flavor will help Flavor

  18. I want to make gummy bears for my brother who already has his cannabis made with the glycerin , can I just melt this down and add to recipe?
    Thank you for having this recipe I thought I was being clever when I told him I could probably use his oil to make gummy bears.

  19. I saw that no one in the comments replyied with the measurements for using coconut oil, so I wanted to share what I learned!

    I prepared this recipe with coconut oil and replaced the 6 grams of hash oil and 1-3 tsp of vegetable glycerin with 1/4 – 1/3 cup of infused coconut oil.

    The consistency was still great and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much for posting the original recipe!

    1. Hi,I would like to use coconut oil to make this recipe. I wanted to know how potent your oil was that you used? Like how many grams were in that 1/3 or 1/4 cup? Thank you…

  20. We used a different recipe for gummies same concept with cocunut oil. After freezing the oil seperated! Does anyone know how to fix these! Don’t want the whole batch to be ruined. Thank you!

  21. Hi all! Wanted to share my experience with this recipe. I too used infused Coconut oil (roughly 1/4C plus 2Tbsp) and 2 dr full of my infused Propylene Glycol mixed vigorously, molded let sit an wow were they tasty!! Next batch I’m going to double the coconut oil and PG as I am looking for it to be a bit stronger. I didn’t have any separation of ingredients or refrigeration problems as the gang gobbled them up! Thanks for the original recipe!!!!!

    Keep on keepin’ on …. :-D

  22. I had very good success for my first and second trials. Results as follows:
    1st batch
    3 oz package watermelon jello
    4 packets geletin
    1/2 cup water
    Mixed well and heated to a liquid (had temp control issues with my old style gas stove but made it work)
    I then added 6 grams of activated “mb” alcohol based hash oil and 3 tsp infused foodgrade vegetable glycerin.
    Stirred a bit longer til mixed well and poured into molds.
    End Results were potent but tasted much like the hash oil. Not a bad test batch.

    2nd batch results:
    3 oz package of strawberry jello
    4 packets gelitan
    1/2 cup water
    Mixed well and heated to liquid on low flame (still got too hot and lost some on sides of pot)
    I then used 3.5g of bho/ 2.5g infused coconut oil (this was decarbed in oven at 220 for approx 30 min prior to adding)
    I also again used my infused vg to allow mix. 2 tbs added
    Stirred over heat til mixed well. And used dropper to dispense in new bear molds. With loss (from stuck to pan) i still made 76 quite potent bears. Very medicine like taste when let melt in mouth but tasty if chewed quick and swallowed.
    Thank you for this great feed snd feedback from all. Quite helpful

    1. Hey Jesse. I am about to try my hand at making gummies too. So you said with that ingredient list, you got 76 potent gummies. Just curious how big each gummy candy was? 1gram, 2grams…? Just curious because my candy molds are about 1/4 tsp volume. Thanks

    2. NOooo! No losses, please, just clean everything with a 1/4 cup of boiling water, then pour that off into a glass. Chill and serve and chill. :-)

  23. I live in South Africa and don’t have access to canna oil could I just fry the weed in butter or is there another way of doing it .i am new to cooking with marijuana but I love smoking it !

  24. Thanks for the recipe, I’m going to try a side by side test with coconut oil and hash oil. I also have bubble hash, and I’m wondering if I can decarb that in the oven to use with this recipe… And, do you think the hash oil works best because it’s filtered, as opposed to just adding decarbed bubble hash? I just would rather avoid spending so much money on ISO, I already have the bags… And a LOT more material, what do you think? Undoubtedly, the hash oil will be the strongest per weight… I just don’t want to but that much alcohol…

  25. I am about to try making my own gummies and I had a question for you. After looking at the ingredients list, it seems like there is a lot of volume of material vs oil? It says that your recipe makes about 20-30 servings. How much would be a serving? I am just having problems trying to determine the strength of my candy. My candy molds are 1/4 tsp and I have 6 grams of really good homemade oil made from decarboxylated high quality bud using everclear. Also, how much thc would be considered a good dose. There seems to be so many different opinions. ie: 100mg thc is a high dosage, 50mg thc is a low dosage! Just curious as to your opinion. I noticed you said 36mg per gram of candy weight is a heavy dose but I am unsure as the size of your candy! Thanks in advance, any info you can provide to me will be appreciated.

  26. Hello! Looking to make Canna-Cocktails (Lavander blueberry platinum kush lemonade) by binding BHO to veggie glycerin with added soy lechitin. Is the soy lechitin liquid or powder form? Which should I use? Any other information is greatly appreciated thanks!

  27. Hi so I want to make a batch using 1 G of shatter because I don’t want to use a lot incase I mess up. I just have a question and please correct me if I’m wrong. To decarb I would have to put the BHO on parchment paper on a Pyrex pan and set the oven to 220-250F for 30 min but should I put in the oven by itself or should I add cocunut oil with it? I heard it only activates in oil so I’m not sure. I really want to make these but I just have that doubt. Should I also cover the pan with aluminum or something so the molecules don’t “fly away” and lose potency. Could I also straight out put it into the mix after I take it out the oven? (Letting the BHO cool down for a few min before taking out)

  28. Just made these with 6g’s GSC wax and 2oz Coconut oil. I also used 3t of glycerine and BOLTHOUSE FARMS Mango Juice instead of water (for flavor & color). turned stable and tastes a little “mediciney” but when one is going for potency one can’t bitch about taste!!
    Good call on the gummies man!!

  29. Hi, I love the recipe so far and I’m so glad I found it, however I have a couple questions. First, I was wondering if this recipe would still be potent with 1 gram of wax, or should I use 2. Secondly, I am wondering if I take this amount is decarbing and using glycerin like this recipe shows better than using BHO coconut oil? Would substituting decarbed wax and glycerin with decarbed bho coconut oil help the thc bind to the candies more, or vice versa? Also would soy lecithin help much and if so how much? Thank you

  30. I want to use coconut oil to make my gummies. Now I want to know what’s the ratio of bud to oil for extraction? When I do my cannebutter I do 1 oz to 16 oz butter (land-O-Lakes) and my butter is fire. I’m always getting good feedback from my friends whom I let taste my delightful treats.


    1/3 cup Unflavored Gelatin (buy in 1 pound can on Amazon)
    1 1/2 cup Water
    1/3 cup honey
    1 teaspoon of flavoring – Black Cherry or Cinnamon Oil (2 Drams)
    (Lorann Oil – buy 1 ounce bottle on Amazon)
    6 drops of red food coloring
    3 grams or more of CO2 Extract Oil
    Corn Starch

    1 4 Quart Pan
    1 Pyrex 2 Quart Glass Measuring Cup
    1 Tablespoon
    1 Teaspoon
    Teflon coated Wisk
    Silicon Molds – Buy a three piece kit from Amazon – It is nice to mix sizes
    Eyedropper / Syringe / Pastry Gun / Pastry Bag – This is used to fill molds.
    Stove and Electric Tea Kettle

    1. Measure out ingredients. Dust molds with Corn Starch.
    2. Put 4 Quart pot on burner and place pyrex 2-Quart inside. Fill 4-Quart pot with water to make a “double boiler”.
    3. Put 1/3 cup Gelatin in Pyrex and pour 1/1/2 cup of tea kettle boiling hot water over it.
    4. Turn on burner to LOW and mix gelatin and water with spoon.
    5. Be patient and let gelatin bloom. 10 minutes. Check and stir with spoon to help. Add a tablespoon or two of hot water to help dissolve.
    6. When Gelatin is dissolved. Add honey and stir with spoon until dissolved.
    7. Add food coloring. 6 drops. Stir with wisk until mixed.
    8. Add 4 gram 40 CO2 Oil. Stir briskly in with wisk.
    9. Flavoring. Better to add less than more. Mix well with wisk.
    10. Fill molds. Pour directly from Pyrex into Molds or use a tool: Turkey Baster /Pastry Gun / Pastry Bag / Syringe. If you don’t have a mold you can just pour it onto a pan or plate and cut with knife when set.
    11. Place molds on a tray and put in fridge. Be sure to cover the molds with wax paper. Only need an hour or so in the fridge You can also set it out on the back porch and let it set overnight.
    12. Will easily pop out of mold when set. Ready to enjoy when set. Store in air tight container or seal portions in food saver bag.

    I have a standard size and a small size bear mold. This batch size sakes about 50 Standard Size and 50 Small Size Gummy Bears. Large 40mg Small 20mg.

    Tip: CO2 OIL. Heat oil container in a dish of hot water. This will reduce oil viscosity so it will pour and flow out of your container easier.

    Adjustments: You can use other sugars as a substitute for honey (Be sure to dissolve completely). You can use fruit juice, wine or soda instead of water. Want tart? Add citric acid.

    Tip: Make a test batch first so you don’t waste your oil. The benefit of the test run is that you will make some nice candy to enjoy and you can adjust the taste to your liking.

    Comments welcome!

  32. Your recipe rocks..strong as hell I had to dial it back to 4 grams ,for the others .The full strength ones sent my buddies to the moon..for adding flavoring Watkins has a good selection of flavors and the gummies firm up without the need of adding anything else.. I have had great success with them..thanks for the fine recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I want to try a gummie recipie and the ones I have looked at call for the glycerin to be added to help bind the kiefe or hash to the water and jello. I cant make keife because all I have is sugar leaf and when I run it through a grinder it just gives me smaller bits of leaf in the bottom level. So I decided to use a hash oil instead but for two days in a row the couple shops I went to were out of butane. Was thinking to just infuse the glycerin itself (which could also be used for lotions) but I assume the jello would only hold, maybe, 20 ml of glycerin without losing its gummie property? I don’t know, and I only have enough to try a couple ideas. Any thoughts? Will 20 ml of glycerin be enough to get an affect from 4 or so (that’s ideal) gummies (each bactch would be about 20 ml of glycerin to about 20 gummies, so 1 mg a piece, or could I add more? lol) Any other thoughts on how to make these gummies? My best friend is only 25 and lupus has taken the use of her left leg and her left eye, she is always in pain and I am really hoping to come up with a way to help her with her pain that will be acceptable in the house and doesn’t involve the gross and expensive opiate prescriptions. Any advice would be appreciated as I have only used butter in the past and have never ventured beyond that. Thanks. Really banking on the gummies, it would be perfect. Just need to figure out the best way to infuse the sugar leaf into the treat.

    1. For sours dust the gummies with a mixture of corn starch, citric acid powder and granulated sugar after you take them out of the mold. The amount of citric acid will determine how sour they taste.

  34. Hey!! So I was thinking of making these for the coming up Halloween! Idk if i can get wax by then. I was wondering if I could use like… 7-10 grams of just normal and still have potent gummies. And if so. Would I make it work?

  35. I find that decarbing dried herb at between 240°-250° F for 45-60 minutes solved my potency problem. I then put in pot of boiling water to remove some of the chlorophyll. Then strain well and mix with Everclear (190 proof grain alcohol) in a glass quart jar. Usually let sit for 6 to 8 weeks in a cool dark place, shaking the bottles twice a day. Strain again and boil off liquid in a rice cooker until it just starts to bubble. Can be mixed with a small amount of food grade cocoa or coconut butter. I use approximately 0.2-0.4 gm per 2 gm of oil. No need to decarb finished oil!

  36. Can I make them by cutting up about 2 grams and putting them in the oven for 30 minutes. Then grinding dried bud and adding to almost a full nip of Dr mcgillicuddys apple pie 21 or 27% alcohol. Then put that in the fridge 24 hours. Use that mixture in the recipe

  37. I’ve tried this with up to 16 floz infused coconut oil

    Same recipie.

    They bind perfectly.

    The key here is allowing your gelatin to bloom properly, and using a whisk as opposed to anything else.

    If you allow the gelatin to bloom before mixing and mix with a whisk you can get away with up to 2 cups of liquid in there.

    Oh and another thing. Don’t spray your molds….. theyre made of silicone… food grade silicone at that…. they won’t stick. All the spray does is add an adverse temperature oil to something that already doesn’t want to naturally bind.


  38. Great recipe and information. I’m new to making any kind of edibles, the Question I have is can I use a cannabis tincture in this recipe and how much should I use? should I use foodgrade vegetable glycerin or sunflower lecithin? are they the same? thank you

  39. Tried to make gummies with coconut oil. It separated, although I used glycerin. How do you prevent this. The effect was great, taste not so much.

  40. Hi Cookie:

    Can I use 6 gms of decarbed ground up hash instead of hash oil? If so what would I mix it with to melt it to mix in smoothly?

  41. if i had made a vegetable glycerin tincture with 2 ounces of cannabis yielding 1 1/2 cups of VG. would i be able to turn that tincture into gummy bears? and would adding soy lecithin help?

  42. Could you possibly provide an exact measurment unit for the amount of plain gelatin used in this recipe? Like how many ounces. I dont have packaged unflavored (plain) gelatin and even if I did I wouldnt know if it was the same size packets you used for this recipe.

  43. Hello my question is I’ve been using cannabis oil to make my gummy bears is it possible that I can use wax also to make my gummy bears

  44. Cookie, I couldn’t get my BHO anywhere, is there any problem if I use cannabis infused water instead of regular water and replacing the effect of the wax?

  45. how much oil should i put in the gummy mix if i made a 60 gram leaf ethyanol heat reduction then mixed 8-1 with a 70/30 vg/eg split to yield 60 ml of e juice?…and what would be the thc level in the gum,mys?
    thanks sean

  46. Hey all.. I’m new to this whole weed/hash oil thing. I have constant back pain due to a injury and said enough to opiates for pain relief, so now I have a license to buy weed and such, (doctor says I am to have up to 2 grams a day)but the thing is I don’t smoke weed/hash anything but I got oil or as the bottle says sativa drops
    THC TOTAL 1.7%
    THC 15.8 mg/ml
    THC TOTAL 15.8 mg/ml
    THC TOTAL 395.0 mg bottle

    So my question is how much of this oil do I use to make Gummies?? And I’m going to cheat and melt down candies and mix together

  47. My husband takes a 240mg gummy for medical reasons and I’d like to try them at home. Can I use THC oil. If I can, how much do I use in a dose and how many would he have to eat to equal the gummies he is eating now? Thanks.

  48. Ok so I need help with a couple of things. I’ve never been high off an edible before. I tried 2 different times and neither worked. So I’ve been looking to make my own brownies and I’ve read about decarbing the bud on a baking sheet in the oven and I was curious if that was the best way to do it because if you do that and then cook it in butter or oil or whatever and then bake the brownies wouldn’t you be cooking the thc and losing it? I may have thought too much into it idk but I’d like some help with the best way to make them the first time. And I was wondering if anyone can give their opinions on making them with butter vs coconut oil? I’d like to try coconut oil because I hear it extracts the thc better. The second thing is, probably after I successfully make brownies, I want to make some sour gummies. Now I was wondering what to use to make these? I don’t think
    You can use oil just like brownies?.. so should I use oil? Like shatter ? Or something like a distillate? Anybody who has experience and can help me out I will greatly appreciate it. I want to make edibles very badly but I just don’t want to mess up or have it be a waste. ALSO let me know the best amount of bud to put into both of those^^ for something stronger than beginners but nothing that will kill you.

  49. When using distilllate has anyone got an aftertaste that is slightly bitter? In the back of the throat almost a Burny feeling

    1. I use RSO to make my gummies. I make that with Everclear in a small distiller. The gummies do have a “burny” feeling in the back of my throat. Small inconvenience :)

  50. First, congrads on this highly active/informative post. I am a FL medical patient & we have very few choices. Oil, spray, vap, capsules & etc with nothing convenient away from home or tasty.
    I decided to try the easy way by melting gummy worms/bears of hard candy using Truclear uncut hybrid (hope it is not to much Indica) or pure Indica. I use the cut Sativa oil currently.
    What I want to try is to prepare the mold, melt a few candies, put into mold & then stir in the correct dose of uncut oil into each cell. I don;t know if I will have time to stir before it sets or if I can stir after put in cell.
    I want some carry-able meds & some tasteful meds.
    PLEASE let me know if this is possible, hints & etc.

  51. Hi I’ve tried about 6 batches of these and the gummies keep getting the wet look after the citric/ sugar mix. I’ve tried drying them for 8 hours then coating, coating them right away, and mixing the cornstarch with the citric acid mixture but nothing seems to work.

  52. Is vape weed remains considered already decarboxylated bc it’s been heated? Can I just add those remains to gummies without straining, or do I need to cook it in coconut oil and then use it in gummies. I’m a little confused. Thank you.

  53. How many gummies does this recipe make? I have issues with the hash oil melting down when I tried this before. Any suggestions?

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