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    1. for those without a crock pot. here is a simple stovetop method.

      in a gallon pot, uncovered rapid boil 3 quarts water with ground up weed and oil.
      ratio is 28g trim to 1/2 +1 Tbsp coconut oil. i prefer to cook with trim to keep cost down. you can use 7g flower instead but its not going to be stronger trust me, it will just cost more. ive made side by side batches. the 30$oz of trim batch is just as good as the 70$ flower batch

      let it boil down most of the way. check on it occasionally and add a bit of water if you want to. you just want it mostly boiled down in bout 90 min

      hold mesh strainer above pot and scoop out most of the weed with slotted spoon

      move pot and strainer to sink

      using hot water, rinse the weed in the strainer over the pot to get as much of the oil as you can back into the pot. this is why you need to let it boil down. need the room in the pot to rinse. do it 3 or 4 times. squeeze it

      discard weed. and rub your oily hands together and let it soak in. topicals feel great

      cover pot and put it in fridge over night

      remove solid oil from top , turn it over and scrape off the sludge.

      melt it slowly and strain through cheese cloth or whatever

      1/2 cup oil makes a batch of betty crocker snickerdoodles in the red bag if you measure the batter and make 48 12g cookies, each one will be about 40 mg strong.

      these are really small and super potent, be careful
      1/2 cookie is a good functional “go to work” dose, 2 if its your day off and you want to spend it on the floor

    2. I use a very similar technique but with much less coconut oil, about 1 teaspoon of oil for every gram of flower. I also add lecithin. A little on your skin as a topical can be extremely potent!.

    3. One New piece of info I’d like to add….. Instead of straining out the weed, I pour the hot coconut oil/flower mixture into a smooth walled jar, letting it slowly solidify for a couple hours, then put in the refrigerator till its hard. Once it’s hard slide it out of the jar, take a knife and separate the 2 layers. You will end up with a very small layer that has lots of weed in it and, a big layer that’s pure coconut oil and cannabanoids.

  1. I love this recipe!
    Just a few questions.
    What is the purpose of the alcohol in the recipe?
    Does it alter the flavor of the oil?
    And is 230 degrees low enough that it dosent vapourize any of the active chemicals?

    1. I’ve done this several times, and I use 16 oz, coconut oil (or 14 oz, whatever size container Aldi sells) to an ounce of weed. If I don’t get around to baking, I just make tea, or any hot beverage, and add a tsp or so of the coconut oil to it, and SIP, because the strengths are never really that consistent, as I am not a scientist. Err on the side of caution. The very, very first time I baked brownies, and had no idea how they would come out, got WAY, WAY stoned, like I could not drive or talk for that matter. Way too high. Oh well, live and learn.

  2. What would be the best way to break this down to a sample size recipe. I just got my recommendation and have no idea if it will work for me (never tried it) so I didn’t want to shell out a ton of money. I currently have 1 gram to use any tips for non-smoker/vaporizer?

  3. I have seen several recipes for the coconut. What do you think about the extraction process taking a few days. After simmering the oil and cannabis leave for 24-48hrs to removal all thc?

  4. idk if anyone will answer this.. but, how much oil will I need if I’m using a 1/2 ounce to make the cannaoil?

  5. What are your thoughts on water? I have a rare form of osteoporosis that’s led to 15+ vertebral fractures and I’m only 28…I need the strongest possible recipe for my chronic pain…pain killers literally tear up my stomach, liver, kidneys and intestines….I need all the help I can get ;( thanks guys ;)

    1. i have osteoporosis too it sucks broke both my legs at the same time last year, then my ankle then my wrist. Pills suck! Id much rather have pot!

  6. The alcohol is not necessary at all.
    also covering at all times and not removing the lid helps keep potency due to loss of terps and flavornoids from evaporation.

  7. I recently made a batch using 1 ounce of plant matter with 2 cups of coconut oil. However, after capsulizing (size O) the finished product and taking 6 capsules,…. I hardly felt anything. I went to sleep and thought I would try a double dosage in 24 hours. The next day around 6pm, I took another 12 capsules and nothing happened. The next day I tripled the dose and besides the coconut oil and plant matter burping bAd breath, I barely felt anything. I am beginning to think that I used too much oil and I hate the fact that I have to drink a cup of oil to get medicated. If I do this again I need to do it right and I need a half a tablespoon to give me an above average decent dose. Can anyone help me with a recipe using 1 ounce of plant matter so I can get a very strong dose in 1/2 tablespoon.

    1. Chase: I have the same issues. I tried to get off cheap with 1.5 oz per lb of coconut oil and wound up making a less than ideal batch for taking on a cruise ship a few months ago. The bottom line is you gotta sacrifice alot of material for good edibles, hence why it’s usually made with trim/popcorn buds. If you grow, its nothing to use 5oz of sugar leaf for a lb of super potent oil. I also use O size caps i pipe the oil into 1 by 1. Next batch is getting done today with 3 different strains and a lb of oil and 2 oz total plus stems and sugar leaf picked from ground bowls ive saved. Going to try decarbing process first and cooking oil in crockpot with laser thermometer for temp accuracy. Soy lecithin would also be a good addition from what I’ve read. Wish me luck, will report back with effects and results

    2. A guy I knew did 6 ozs per 16 Oz coconut oil for my cannapills.
      One and you were off to see your favorite dream characters

  8. My Mother was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer about a one year ago, she has had an extremely difficult journey. She has had two rounds of chemotherapy, one round or Y90 Radiation and now is experiencing liver failure. Jaundice, a weak appetite and depression are a few of her symptoms. I’m wondered what other treatment options she has (such as a liver transplant or a clinical trial) and also how long she has to live. My mother is my best friend and hero, she endures so much as your loved ones do too.but a cousin of mine came to our rescue by ordering this hemp oil from a foundation in US,and so far the medication has proved effective.now my mother can do things she never could do before,i am so happy so i decided to use this medium to alert all cancer patient that with a good hemp oil,you can definitely beat cancer.

    1. good to hear you didn’t lose her before you cured it with this , was the foundation phoenix tears by chance?……

  9. Great well this is my first time making cana oil And I think I messed up Well actually someone posted a recipe and I’m following it but after reading all these post in wondering if it will come out ok

    Stove top
    Boil 2cups of water
    Then add 1cup of
    Coconut oil
    then Lower down add 8grams of cannabis and let it simmer for 2hrs

    Well it’s been 30min but after reading all these comments I think 2cups of water and 1cup of oil is too much for 8grams ughhh… I’m not a smoker my husband is so I wanted to surprise him with brownies,but now I feel like crap for experimenting lol any help,

    1. you are fine. boil the weed water and oil together for 60-90 min. put in fridge over night. remove the hardened oil, turn it over and scrape off the sludge. melt it, strain it through cheese cloth and you are good to go.

  10. I make my canna butter with 1 ounce of the best hydro, no shake or stems, just buds and 16 ounces of non salt butter.I mix my weed with water and simmer for 1 hour then I add the weed and simmer for 2 hours, then I let it cool on top of stove for 8 hours. I do this 3 times total and after the 3rd time, I let it cool for 1 hour and then I strain it using cheese cloth. I put the water and butter in the fridge for 24 hours, then I skim the butter off the top and put in freezer till I use it. My wife says it is the best butter she has tried, I use it to make brownies or chocolate chip cookies, any ideas or does sound good. It does make some awesome brownies.

  11. I accidentally left my crock pot on high and covered for 3 hours (long story) when I checked it the temp was around 250 -260. Will this kill the effects of my batch?

  12. My crockpot only has low or high settings, would you suggest low or high for this recipe? Or should I try and do it on the stove keeping an eye on the temperature (I have a metal meat thermometer, not the laser yet).

  13. Hello
    I would like to try this on a quarter ounce of cannibus I want to start small. How much coconut oil should I use for this amount?

  14. straining into a cheesecloth(I presoak to prevent absorbtion of goodies) , then squeezing cheesecloth/herb mix to strain( like a teabag )is an effective method to prevent loss of product

  15. The way that has worked great for me is to decarb a qp of popcorn buds and anything better you have to equal 4 oz. grind up and add to 16 oz of coconut oil pre melted in a crockpot. Simmer for 5 or 6 hours and strain with a cheese cloth into a stainless bowl. I then add water to the bowl to help wash out any excess wax and debris. Let that cool and take the hardened slab to use as you like. I load this potent oil into “00” gel caps and it will make hundreds of the with 16 oz oil and 4 oz of smoke. You can take these daily to cut your smoking to zero if you wanted……I take 2 – 4 of these and I’m feeling pretty high most of the day without smoking and when I do smoke it bumps it up to very high levels for I bit. This is how I do it and nobody could change my mind I’m doing it right…..good night and have a pleasant tomorrow

  16. Thanks for the recipe. Worked great except low on my crockpot heated it up too much. It wasn’t burned though, so I think it’s okay. Hoping it will be beneficial against my chronic headaches.

  17. I have made a few different batches some worked and some didn’t. I am trying to find a perfect recipe because I make small batches at a time. I have recently been doing more research so I can hone my technique. But I have just learned of decarboxylate I have never done that. I am anxious to add that in and see what happens. Anyways for my question, me and my wife love edibles and really like the stronger batches. So what do you think would be a good dose in flower weight that I should shoot for for only 2 people single dose each?

  18. I use 3 cups coconut oil 3tbspns sunflower lethicin 28 gms flower decarb 240 degrees for 40 min in oven then add all to mbm and run 2 2 hour cycles at 160 degrees . I have a high tolerance one tblspn is all i need hits in a few hours and lasts for at least 6 to 8 hours very strong . I have made it with less oil but seems not to be any stronger so in my experience with the mbm 3 cups to 28 gms seems ideal ..it may be due to saturation . When using less oil i have been able to run the dregs again and got more meds so there may be a saturation level as to how much infusion takes place . Im my experience less oil does not mean more potent or concentrated it means it all did not get infused ..

  19. I use 3 cups coconut oil 3tbspns sunflower lethicin 28 gms flower decarb 240 degrees for 40 min in oven then add all to mbm and run 2 2 hour cycles at 160 degrees . I have a high tolerance one tblspn is all i need hits in a few hours and lasts for at least 6 to 8 hours very strong . I have made it with less oil but seems not to be any stronger so in my experience with the mbm 3 cups to 28 gms seems ideal ..it may be due t
    o saturation . When using less oil i have been able to run the dregs again and got more meds so there may be a saturation level as to how much infusion takes place . Im my experience less oil does not mean more potent or concentrated it means it all did not get infused ..

    1. I had that thought as well- I wonder if there is a point at where no more infusion can take place (oil is saturated with thc)?

  20. Hi Cookie, I make tincture for my grandson who has Duchenne’s Muscular Distrophy and have been freezing the cannabis that I have strained out of it…Is this leftover material usable to make coconut/cannabis oil with? I thought I had read somewhere that it was reusable to make butter with but can’t seem to find it. I would like to use it if I can but if not to get rid of it…please. Thank you for your time! I am not sure if I can only get the answer here or if you email it as well but I will try and keep watch for it.

  21. Using all the tips here, I did the following:

    Decarbed 9g of small leaf trimmings in a toaster oven with an oven thermometer at 145F for 40 min. Then added 1 1/2 tablespoons coconut oil to the decarbed leaf and also added about 3-4 tablespoons water to make enough liquid to cover the mixture with some extra liquid. “Stewed” it for an hour at ~180F, and poured it through a coffee filter. Poured some extra boiling water on top to rinse more oil off the leaf, ending up with about 3/4 cup filtered liquid. Put in the fridge for an hour to let separate and solidify the coconut oil. Peeled the oil off the top and discarded the water.

    I calculated that, if the trimmings were 8% THC, my oil would have about 10mg THC per eighth teaspoon, which after ingesting an eighth teaspoon one night and a quarter teaspoon the next night, I think was over-generous–probably more like 10mg per quarter teaspoon. The third night, I ate a half teaspoon of the leaves, which I had saved, and figure that that had about 8mg THC. (All these numbers, of course, are very approximate, based on my personal reactions compared to my experience eating some dispensary products of supposedly known THC concentration.) Probably I should have cooked the leaf in the oil longer and maybe washed it better at the end.

    But, anyway, I’m pleased with the results.

  22. Let’s say “the weed taste” is undesirable in a more delicate recipe or sauce, I read that blanching helps or immersing it in water for 3 days and changing water will reduce flavoring from the plant. Do you lose the terpenes along with the chlorophyll? And without the benefits of the “entourage” affect, your “high” would therefore be different, right?

  23. Hi Cookie,

    I’m curious about making a highly concentrated batch of oil to be diluted for use in baking and cooking. The theory is that this will mitigate the heavy cannabis taste that comes from potent infusions. I am going to be using a sous vide method for infusion, which I think will make it easier to get a concentrated infusion while using less oil. I would like to start with a small batch just in case it doesn’t work out, i.e. 1/2 oz with 4 TBLS coconut oil.

    Do you have any experience and/ or advice on this? Specifically on how to calculate dosage for a diluted solution. Thank you for keeping up with people’s questions on this thread, that’s really helpful!

    ~Bobbi-Lee :)

  24. so i made some oil last night and i dont think i did it right. I ground up aprox. 14 grams of mid and put it in a crockpot with 1/2 cup of coconut oil and about a cup of water. let it sit for 18 hours as i was told that if you cook longer you dont need to decarb. made some brownies today. ate one 2 hours ago and still not feeling a thing? did i do something wrong?

  25. 48 grams…now that’s gonna be potent!

    I use a Magical Butter Machine.
    I’ve gotten potent oil from 36 grams in 3 cups of coconut oil. I decarb in a preheated covered baking dish in the oven at 240F for 50 minutes. I add sunflower powdered lecithin to the oil at 1 tbls per cup of oil.
    I’m getting ready for my next batch. I’m gonna use 46 grams in 3 cups.

    1. And I NEVER grind my beautiful buds in a blender or food processor.
      Before decarbbiing I gently cut them into smaller pieces using my trimming shears. The MBM does the grinding into the oil. My theory is that it’s best to cause as little disruption to the trichomes as possible before infusion.

    2. how long do you cook your batch in the magical butter machine,
      and what final steps do you take to complete the oil.

  26. Quick question, I’m baking brownies with Cana coconut oil. But first I needed to make the oil. I’ve baked for 30 min at 250degrees then melted oil in crock pot and added the hash to the crock pot. Stirring every 30 minutes, I’m into the final hour. I’m wondering, do I have to remove the hash from the oil? Or can I leave the plant in there and bake with it?

  27. Hi!
    I have a decarboxilator and a MBM2. I have experience with making non THC creams, but would like to make a THC topical cream for chronic pain relief (similar to Buddha Buddah). I would like to make a THC infused coconut oil in the recipe. The problem I am having, is trying to determine the THC content of the finished product. In order to do this, I need to determine the THC content of the coconut oil. My aim is to have a high THC topical, so would use a high THC bud, as concentrated as possible, and in order to figure that out, I have to have exact weights and measurements for the MBM2. This is where my problem comes in … what is the mathematical equation I would use to figure out the potency of the THC coconut oil, so that I can then determine the potency of the finished product? I do everything by weight, not tsp or Tbsp, for accuracy, and I just can’t seem to get my head around figuring this out. I do realize that the THC/CBD of the bud plays a factor, its just figuring out the math for the concentration of the THC coconut oil. Hope that makes sense!! Thanks :)

  28. When infusing into the coconut oil, is there different psychoactive effects when rendering at 160 degrees vs 190 degrees?

  29. I only have 1/2 ounce. I ground it up fine baked it. How much coconut oil in crock pot should I use? This is for my husbands prostate cancer. Thanks!

  30. Thanks for all the info! Looking to make infused oil for topical balm so flavour doesn’t matter, was considering using shake. After decarbing, can potency be increased by increasing heated infusion time? 12 hours?

  31. When I made my first batch of butter I used more coconut oil to the ratio of shake, can I just use the same cannibutter and just do the process over with move shake?

  32. I don’t ever pull my flower thru a cheesecloth etc. I feel I lose something in doing that… not just oil, but thc concentrated flower. Am I wrong in doing this? I blend mine into almost a fine powder. I just feel it’s a waste of time and good flower.

  33. Hi, I have 1 gram of THC Wax that I would like to make into salve, starting with canna oil, but I have no idea where to start. I assume with coconut oil, but not sure of how much, and not sure if the wax needs decarboxylated? Any recipe you can offer?

  34. This site is fantastic!! Today I am drying. .. trimming and making coconut cannabis oil with t he little buds and trimmings . I have put 48 oz. To 14 Oz of coconut butter. All my first time… can I tell how strong it will be ?

  35. Will it hurt the potency if I had to put in frig. Over night and then War then finished the last hour and a half cooking today thank you so much for your responses and your time

  36. I am planning on turning a half a pound of trim into canna caps. Someone please tell me a recepie to make these as potent as possible

  37. I would like to know how much a serving is? I used this recipe with pretty strong shake, decarboxylated it for 30 minutes and then cooked it in the crockpot for 3 hours and strained it. If just starting to use it as a dose what would be a good dose to start with? 1 TBSP, 1 TSP?

  38. I’ve been making canna coconut oil & butter for some time, and the trickiest part is squeezing the heck out the cheesecloth. I’ve discovered that a potato ricer or lemon squeezer to a great job to get every drop out.

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