Cannabis Decorator’s Icing

A perfect decorator’s icing for use in piping bags to embellish Cannabis Sugar Cookies.

Cannabis Decorator's Icing

Cannabis Decorator Icing

By Cookie Published: December 19, 2012

    decorator's icing made with cannabutter Note: for frosting add 2 T milk



    1. Cream cannabutter with vanilla and salt.
    2. Beat in powdered sugar 1 C at a time. Add milk
    3. Beat at high speed until light and fluffy.
    4. Divide into small bowls and whip in food coloring. Fill decorator's icing bags and decorate those cookies!
      Cannabis Decorator Icing

      8 Replies to “Cannabis Decorator’s Icing”

        1. Hi, does this icing recipe dry hard or does it remain soft. I am looking for one that completely dries. thank you!

      1. Is there a way to make Cannabis “Royal Frosting”? I know you can make the more general frosting with cannabis but is there a way to make cannabis royal frosting to do more professional decorating but still have them be cannabis infused?

        1. With Royal Icing, you are basically leaving out any fats and using egg white to bind with powdered sugar so that will hold it all together and stiffen it for a shiny protective coating that helps keep cookies fresh, and decorative. Some recipes add glycerine to their royal icing recipe that you can find on the web, and that glycerine that they add could easily be a glycerine tincture that will give you that cannabis twist!

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